Thinking about Buying, Renting, or Holidaying in North Cyprus ? All types of Property in all areas and price ranges.
Every year, many thousands of British holidaymakers visit Cyprus. Might you be interested in taking a villa, or apartment holiday on the beautiful Mediterranean island ? Many thousands of British Expatriates have already retired to North Cyprus. Might you be interested in retiring to live in the Eastern Mediterranean ? Thousands of British Expatriates already own, or rent a property and live in North Cyprus. Might you be interested in buying, or renting a property ?
Enjoy 300+ days of sunshine a year. Live a healthy lifestyle. Follow a Meditteranean diet, eat locally grown produce - fresh fruit, vegetables, salad and olive oil. Walk, hike, swim, bike, run and dance. Be happy and content - live the dream.
A popular discussion board for British Expatriates living and holidaying in North Cyprus.
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